Coloring Book Templates Done For You PLUS Additional Patterns and Mandalas

Coloring Book Templates (Done For You) PLUS Additional Patterns and Mandalas Included in Package

In  case you are in a hurry check the package out here, it’s $12.95

Many of us find it easier to create when we work from something on the screen.  We get to see what we like, what we don’t like, and how we could or want to improve things

There is something about a Blank Screen aka Blank Screen Syndrome that can stop us dead in our tracks.  NOT GOOD when you are in the creative frame of mine! 😉

Coloring Book Templates ARE HERE!!!

Today, Debbie Miller launched her brand new PLR package of Coloring Book/Page templates. With these brand new, never before released templates the possibilities these templates present are limitless!

TERMS OF USE (Always a good idea to share Terms of Usage Upfront):
These templates and resources come with full PLR Rights: Use them to create your own coloring books, coloring pages, greeting cards, book marks, inspirational pages, etc.. The ONLY limitations are the ones you inflict on yourself!  JUST UNLEASH your imagination to go wherever it may!

YOU MAY SELL the products you create using the templates and other resources contained in this package.  The ONLY THINK YOU CANNOT DO is package the blank templates AS IS in another product!


All the layout work has been done for you by a professional graphic designer, however, this does not mean that you cannot customize what is already there to make it your very own. Quite honestly, that is what I like about PLR.  I like to see what others are doing and figure out a way to make it my own by using my own creativity, however, these templates can be used as is, just add your own patterns, artwork, text, etc.

IF you choose to make a coloring book with the templates:
All you need to do is modify the coloring book templates and compile the pages into your own coloring book. Just personalize and your on your way.

Check them out here:


With the holidays speeding towards us, NOW would be a good time to start creating your very own holiday coloring pages, books, greetings, etc., plus you can create your very own unique coloring gift items. Don’t forget, you can also mix and match until your creative heart’s content! 😉


20 different premade designs – 300 DPI

35 Patterms

30 Mandalas

The templates, patterns and mandalas vary in style, design and shapes. Thus, you can easily turn these resources into an abundant assortment of templates, pages, greetings cards, inspirational pieces, etc., just by mixing and matching.

Check them out here:

OTO (One Time Offer):

P.S. The OTO offer will feature an additional 56 templates, 3 formatted Word documents plus video training on how you can easily modify the coloring book templates to create your own Adult Coloring Books or Coloring Pages with easy to use tools.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Roz Fruchtman

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