Creative Canvas Kit – Comes with Doodle Animator and a Ton of SVG Characters and Images

Creative Canvas Kit – Comes with Doodle Animator – ACTIVE – $19

Creative  Canvas Kit comes with all the images you see on this page in SVG format.
– The backgrounds and “draw objects” can be used with our app Doodle Animator (which is included for free) and/or Groove Animator.
– The keyword named doodle images can also be used with Doodle Animator and Groove Animator and you can find the art quickly and easily with our built-in search function.
– You can also use the doodle images with other popular Doodle programs such as Explaindio, VideoScribe, Easy Sketch Pro and Doodly.
– Short tutorials are also included to show you how quick and easy it is to start having fun creating creative videos and animations with Creative Canvas Kit and Doodle Animator! (MORE)