30 PERCENT OFF… PLR Coloring Bonanza Sponsored by Maureen Oliver of Color ME Positive

PLR Coloring Bonanza Sponsored by
Maureen Oliver of Color ME Positive!

Personal Note From Roz:
Today I GET TO introduce you to my New Friend (of a few months now) AND Member of My Facebook Photoshop Community PhotoshopHaven… Maureen Oliver! Maureen and I met a few months ago when I saw one of her kits.  I visited her site, was truly impressed and immediately reached out to her via Facebook DM.
– Maureen creates PLR Coloring Pages. Her work is OUTSTANDING in MY opinion. I feel and have always felt and said: coloring is VERY personal. 
– I have already bought a number of Maureen’s coloring kits (at full price), and will be going back to pick up a few more at the 30% discounted price.
– I can use them for my own projects, whether to incorporate them into, re-brand and use as is under my name/my company or site name, etc., or use as source files to create new coloring images, coloring book or other items where coloring designs would fit in.
– As well I/WE can re-brand and sell under our own names/company and/or site name, etc.!
= You can also make lead generators from them to build your groups, sites, mailing lists, etc.
– PLR (Private Label Rights) are VERY GOOD! (Each page shows how you may or may not use them.  The rights are pretty generous as far as I am concerned and THAT and the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maureen’s coloring designs, is why I am personally *over the moon* about all of Maureen’s coloring designs and kits and THIS 30% OFF offer.  30% OFF EXPIRES at the end of the day on Wednesday July 5th.

This page was a bit difficult to set up because EACH coloring kit has it’s own page, so I had to set up the links for EACH kit separately.
EACH link opens in A NEW WINDOW so you can easily get back here to get the links for the other kits. (These links ARE MY affiliate links and MUST BE used SEPARATELY for me to get the affiliate commission.

For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: PLR Flowery Frames Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Love is in the Air PLR Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Mandala Mayhem


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Under the Sea PLR Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Spring is in the Air PLR Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Summer Fun PLR Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: PLR Holiday Coloring Pages Pack


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
Product: Old MacDonald PLR Coloring Book Kit


For 30% OFF… USE CODE: canadaday
*** NOTE: These Royalty Free Images are NOT PLR  ***
Product: 200 Royalty Free FB Images – NOT PLR

Coloring is great fun, besides being a fabulous stress release.

We have enough things beating us down in today’s times, we don’t have to join the party against us… WE CAN COLOR and/or create coloring designs to bring joy, happiness and great fun to other’s lives

Let’s ALL be inspirations instead of being destroyers!


Roz Fruchtman


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