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Monthly PLR Coloring Page Designs
Coloring used to be something adults remembered as a fun childhood pastime. But over the last several years, Coloring has reappeared as an activity for adults, now known as Adult Coloring. In fact, I think I can enjoy and appreciate Coloring a lot more today, for the creativity, peace and tranquility it provides!

I jumped back on the coloring bandwagon (BIG TIME) myself, a few years ago. 馃槈

I absolutely love to color, especially when I’m stressed and need a special time out OR need a special treat OR for no reason at all. It’s ME TIME… Just me, my markers and coloring page of the day! I even color when I’m watching TV, listening to Podcasts, waiting my turn at the doctor’s office, anywhere I have a few minutes. Coloring is completely portable! Spring is around the corner, pull up a bench, sit outside and color away!

All that aside… Adult Coloring pages have grown quite popular in the online content publishing world too. You鈥檒l find them in journals, planners, ebooks, calendars, with quotes, plain and more. Adult Coloring is not prejudice, it will go anyplace you do! 馃檪聽 But the mere thought of hiring an artist to create custom pages can be mind numbing, worse yet… if you are creative, you might be like me and want to edit and/or use the pages/designs you color for other purposes. It’s always easier when you have a place to start and the Usage Rights to allow your creativity to run free! PLR Rights WILL Allow You complete freedom! Usage rights are below in this post!

This is why I鈥檓 excited to share a brand-new resource from the Coloring Queen herself, Rayven Monique. She鈥檚 just released the Color Monthly PLR Monthly Membership.

(Regularly $27 a month – Full PLR Rights)

Each package includes 31 pages (plus a cover page). The 31 pages consist of:

路聽 10 mandalas
路聽 聽 5 patterns
路聽聽聽 5 quotes
路聽聽聽 3 fun random designs
路聽聽聽 3 seasonal/monthly themed designs
路聽聽聽 Seasonal Monthly Calendar
路聽聽聽 Daily To-Do List
路聽聽聽 Weekly To-Do List
路聽聽聽 Gratitude Page
路聽聽聽 Menu Planner

(NOTE:聽 A PLR License is good, whether used/needed or not!)
What exactly am I allowed to do with the PLR rights content?

路聽 Alter/rebrand the pages/elements of the pages in any way
路聽 Create merchandise with the pages/elements of the pages
路聽 Create a membership site selling coloring pages
路聽 Sell the coloring pages as a package, or an element of a larger
package or product
路聽 Offer the pages as a bonus for a paid product or membership
路聽 Offer the pages as a resource within a paid membership
路聽 Offer the pages as a bonus for paying clients
路聽 Print the pages and give them away to customers or members in person
路聽 Print the pages and sell them to customers or members in person
路聽 Offer pages as an opt-in resource

What format are the files delivered in?

All images come in PDF, JPG, and the Seasonal Monthly Calendar, Daily To-Do List, Weekly To-Do List, Gratitude Page, Menu Planner pages have PSDs included. PSDs provide an opportunity to easily edit these pages and to repurpose existing pages into new pages/items. The sky’s the limit!

Grab the first package and get signed up for the monthly membership now… AND be grandfathered in… at LOW INTRO PRICE of $17 a month, AS LONG AS you maintain your initial membership.

(Regularly $27 a month – Full PLR Rights)

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